Prosperna visits REBAP and CREBA La Union

by Dennis Velasco | 2019-09-04 20:00:00 | Startups

In any aspects of life, communication is one of the most important elements. For companies and businesses, constant interaction is essential to reap successes; since being able to address what needs to be done in an organized manner, directs the employees to achieve their goals as a whole.

Prosperna is a great believer that information delivery through regular meetings, will secure an organization’s objectives and bring opportunities for everyone involved to provide feedback and collaborate together. This is why they proudly sponsored the joint monthly meeting between Chamber of Real Estate and Builders' Associations (CREBA) and Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP) in La Union, together with Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). This business gathering between board members and employees was held in the afternoon of July 19, at the Sea & Sky Hotel & Restaurant in San Fernando, La Union.

CREBA and REBAP are both large organizations of real estate developers, known in the industry for being proactive about making homes affordable and available for all Filipinos regardless of their income class. CREBA is an NGO, non-stock and non-profit founded by Attorney Manuel M. Serrano in October 1973. Today, they have about 32 chapters in the country and another 7 in other parts of the world with 4000 firms, associations and individuals involved with them. As for REBAP, they are also a real estate NGO of licensed real estate brokers with more than 1200 regular and associate members in over 27 chapters in the Philippines. They were established in 1979 by a group of dedicated and licensed real estate brokers, headed by the first chairman CRB (Certified Real Estate Broker) Rafael Pula.

This monthly meeting for July 2019 served as a forum for stakeholders in the industry, government officials, and regular employees to discuss their current progress and input on the state of the entire real estate and housing industry. The program was led by the presidents of both organizations in the La Union Chapter, Mr. John Chan (CREBA) and Ms. Girlie Mazon (REBAP). They each gave updates on their present operations and trends in Philippine Real Estate.

Other than being the major sponsor of the event, Prosperna brought a solution for the challenges that the organizations and the industry as a whole, were facing. Prosperna’s CEO and Founder, Dennis Velasco, presented ways to generate qualified leads on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook; also how to market online using technology, establish branding and the importance of creating good content. By understanding the importance of digital transformation and how it can be utilized in the marketing funnel, agents and brokers from CREBA and REBAP La Union can have an edge against competitors who are still using traditional methods to sell.


Prosperna is the Philippines #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM), specifically designed to help Philippine Real Estate Professionals sell faster, smarter and build better relationships. They provide leading-edge regional and industry-tailored software-as-a-service cloud-based solutions to South East Asia. For more information, visit our website at

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Courtesy of CREBA La Union


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